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News : We have moved to a better location !


You can now find us in Thorpe Close under the Westway flyover, opposite Ladbroke Grove Station, directly adjoining the Vintage Clothes area of Portobello Market.

This is the entrance to the market when you arrive by bus or tube at Ladbroke Grove station, and therefore the exit on your way home. Unlike many stalls on the main Portobello Market we have a clearly defined area so if you want to think about a purchase, you can easily find us again either later that day or on a subsequent Saturday.

There is a big sign beside the entrance and we are lucky to have both Marco & his Orange Coffee Van, with his tables, chairs & relaxed ambiance, and the Belgium Chocolate Stand next to us.

Our work is at times dramatic, serious, fun and may have a price reflecting the expertise.

However, to counter the global world of mass production and help you ride through the recession, you can leave the Art & Design Market with very special, or even unique works of art, some understanding of how they were inspired and made having paid considerably less than you would for similar work in a gallery or shop.

We are now just a week before Christmas. Given the extensive choice of unusual things to buy in both the market and small shops, I am sure that I am not alone in buying all my presents around Portobello.


There is renewed media led interest in Notting Hill. The reality TV show, “Seven Days” was filmed in the streets around Portobello. For better or worse Portobello Market has featured in a few series of “The Apprentice”, including the current series. I am still surprised at how regularly I am asked where the ‘blue door’ is from the film Notting Hill.

A recent edition of Time Out London featured markets and highly recommends visiting the Vintage Clothes section, which we are now adjacent to.

Click here if you are an Artist or Designer Maker who would like to join the market ?

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