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"Shed, Middle Barton", etching Var. Ed.
(edition of 10) £120.
"Phlegethon" etching
Var. Ed. £130
My prints are mostly etchings, dry points, or occasionally colographs, but there is usually a monoprint element as well which means that no 2 are ever quite the same. Most are imaginary landscapes but sometimes I'm inspired by the anthopomorphic tendencies of trees or soup ladles.    
"Armiriki" etching Var Ed.
(edition of 20) £130
Prices range from £40 to £300.
I also have a bargain folder with prices at approx. £10 to £70.

"Campana Ladles" etching,
Var Ed. £40.
Phone 0208 748 3977
Mob. 07946376976.
I'll be at the market on 6th Nov. and 18th December.    

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