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Ditte Forchhammer
Nobody's girl
50 x 50
In My indiscretion
40 x 50


“If you don't risk anything you risk even more.” – Erica Jong.

These words by Erica Jong are very close to my way of thinking and working.

My name is Ditte Forchhammer. I am an artist from Denmark.

I'm your man
60 x 60
If it's in my mind it's on my face
20 x 20

I am very expressive and spontaneous when I paint. I love to use humour and eroticism, but also thoughtfulness in my pictures.

In my newest works I am working with the theme of curiosity and desire, sensuous desire and lust, but also the desire to find new ways / stick my neck out and take chances. Often subjects appear that I had no intention of including. Sometimes I add photos or newspaper clippings etc, to make a kind of collage painting.

For me it is playing. I love playing!

I can't make you love me.
40 x 40
Better days ahead.
100 x 100
e-mail : ditte@ditteforchhammer.dk

mobile 0045 26330885
work : 0045 48240371

See more at www.ditteforchhammer.dk    
I will be at the market on 11th December.

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