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Laura McD


Contemporary jewellery that is fun, colourful, moves, and can (usually) be worn in many different ways.

Laura lives and works a stones throw from the Art Market, designing either directly by making the metal 'dance', or where more precision is required puts her prize for winning an International Jewellery Computer Aided Design Competition to good use.

She works mainly in sterling silver, but she also uses gold. She combines precious metals with aluminium, resin or glass. She blows hollow glass pieces to create light but delicate looking jewellery or uses kiln formed glass for a more substantial feel.

The materials and techniques used mean that the majority of her pieces are 'unique'.


Price Range of work available at the market : £20 - £150

She will be at the market most Saturdays, but if not there her work will be shown by her colleague Jacques Jeanjean.

E-mail laura@nottingval.com      
Tel : +44 (0)7768 727 729      

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